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Mar 5, 2012
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ptc-4481803 replied to BC 1.37 x 24T (Bicycle pedal hub threads/right & left hand)

"Are you looking to actually cut threads into the material?   A simple way would be to give the hole properties and the thread call outs.  "

in Creo 9 replies
1 week ago
ptc-4481803 replied to Your model accuracy?

"Sounds like a presentation at either PTC user group or at PTC Live Global  "

in Modeling 13 replies
1 week ago
ptc-4481803 replied to Overwriting Dimensions

"If you found an answer, don't forget to mark it as correct for those that follow behind and search on this topic. Thanks, Dale"

in Creo 5 replies
1 week ago
ptc-4481803 replied to Reducing STL file size

"As someone who used to do a lot of prototyping, you just have to play with the settings for triangulation. Go with something that you are co"

in Creo 8 replies
1 week ago