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ptc-4481803 replied to Creo 2.0 & 3.0

"PTC products have, to the best of my knowledge, always been forward compatible so therefor, "Yes"."

in Creo 6 replies
3 days ago
ptc-4481803 replied to Sheet metal fiasco..

"... and in case you don't know (like I didn't) that to verify the family table, you click on the little check box above a three columns (lik"

in Modeling 14 replies
4 days ago
ptc-4481803 replied to Creo Wildfire 5.0 Mouse Zoom Inverted Problem

"Here is a product improvement suggestion for that situation. It also explains the logic behind the direction of scroll and the and how the d"

in Visualize 1 replies
4 days ago
ptc-4481803 replied to Remove border from table of drawing

"In fact, here is a product suggestion from Antonius:   Thanks, Dale"

in Creo 3 replies
1 week ago
ptc-4481803 asked "Refit" vs "Zoom, Extents"

"I know that we have the "Refit" button  for resizing a drawing, but lately I have had issues with older drawings that have annotations or s"

in Creo 0 bookmarks
1 week ago
ptc-4481803 replied to Sheetmetal - Blend -> Sheetmetal

"Thanks Steven and Antonius for all your help. Dale"

in Creo 8 replies
1 week ago
ptc-4481803 replied to Sheetmetal - Surface need to thicken

"The method described by Steven in this thread:   is the method that I ended up using an"

in Creo 25 replies
1 week ago