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All I Want for Christmas...

Posted by egiarta1671 Dec 23, 2011

is some peace (piece? haha) of mind. It's been a pretty good vacation break so far. No waking up early, no school, no need to do homework. It's been nice being able to do fun stuff rather than busy school work. There is still a lot of things to prepare for robotics however, and time is running out. Unfortunately, someting else that I have needed to do is college applications. Most of them are due by New Year's Day, and there is a lot that needs to be done there. Already the first week of winter break is coming to a close, and I have yet to do any homework. Nothing new really, procrastination is the name of the game in high school.


And these thoughts bouncing around my head have gotten me thinking..."Man, I don't want to thnk anymore!" It's a strange feeling, but it's one that I am sure everyone get once in awhile. My problem is right now, I feel like there's always something to do and that I am forgetting something. And quite often that is the case. I just hope that on Sunday, on Christmas, I can have the peace of mind to just relax and chill with family and friends. Until then though, still got lots to do...


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