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Well, hello all. I'm new to the Planet. No not earth, though some may think so at times. Nah, to  planet PTC. To be honest never even heard of it until yesterday and then I saw the logo on a coffee cup. So those things do work.

Been working and designing on Pro since 1996...wait got to pull out Mathcad to figure out how long that is....yep..16 years.

Spent most of that time working with a mix of just about everything. I typically tell people what I haven't worked That's about it.

Have done a lot of Contract work and have been able to see a whole lot of this Great Country of ours. Currently i'm taking a break from contract and trying the direct work again. Here at Carrier in Charlotte North Carolina.

As you will be able to read. I'm just a little bit Country. But not the stereo typical country boy type. I do have my teeth, no my car isn't on blocks..(yet), Yes I have youngins, love my cornbread and fried chicken. And I do wear a cowboy hat.

Have fun, enjoy and never let em see ya..wondering





Almost 50% of those who attended PlanetPTC Live in Orlando in June shared their feedback through the post-event survey.


The results have been extremely positive and we want to thank respondents for taking the time to participate. As you know, the information we gather through this survey is critical for us, the event planners. We also want to take this opportunity to thank all attendees, without whom this event would not have been possible.


These are some highlights of the feedback provided by respondents:


  • Over 93% rated the conference as “Very good” or “Good”
  • More than one-third of the respondents rated the value of the conference at much more than cost
  • The opportunity to meet other customers and content programming were the most desirable aspects of the event
  • 94% of the respondents said that the conference met or exceeded their expectations and over 92% would recommend the event to a colleague
  • Important networking enhancements were introduced this year, and attendees recognized it, rating this area at 4.14 on a five-point scale



These are great results, but we want to keep improving in future events. And there is certainly room for improvement. You gave us some suggestions like: more dedicated time to speak with PTC experts, more interaction with the keynote presenters or make it easier to identify other users by product, company size, etc. You can rest assured that the event team will analyze all the suggestions you have sent us and will work on them.


Finally, some respondents were kind enough to provide testimonials that we would like to share with you:


“Between hearing PTC experts and customer presentations, attending PTC University courses, participating in the User Experience Labs, and networking with professionals, there is no single event that can provide the value that PlanetPTC Live can.”

Garrett Alderson, ITT Corporation


“The event is very well organized and provides us with holistic information; I always get new ideas to improve processes and to widen my own vision. Keynote speakers are always an inspiration.”

Hugo Miranda Mabe, MABE SA DE CV



Thanks again for all this great feedback. This motivates us to work on another memorable event in Anaheim next year!


The Corporate Events Team





Main part of the mathematical work


Appendix 1,  contains theory of translation

Appendix 2,  contains theory of rotation

Appendix 3,  contains 3 sketches



Lost & Found in Hello, CAD!

Posted by BettinaGiemsa Jul 23, 2012

Best Practice Academy classI think it’s safe to assume that everybody who signs up for a training class is in search for knowledge. Some are looking for a generic introduction to a new piece of software, others sign up for a more specialized class on either a specific piece of functionality or a Best Practice Academy class to learn about optimizing their modeling methods.

I am hoping it is also safe to assume that everyone who signed up for our PTC University classes eventually finds the answers he has been looking for.
Today, I don’t want to discuss any of our training content or ask what you have learned. I want to hear about lost & found stories in a different context… in other words: Tell me your non-training-related training story!

I think this is the perfect topic to start off a summer workweek – don’t you agree?

Many people like to attend offsite training sessions, because this is often a great opportunity to meet with peers. Have you found new friends through attending a training class? Or unexpectedly met an old buddy from engineering school you hadn’t seen since graduation?

Unfortunately, traveling can sometimes be annoying – have you ever forgotten something in a hotel room or has the airline lost your luggage? Grrr – I hope not, but if you have, maybe you want to share. Luckily, with our huge network of training centers and partners, it is easy to find a training class in your area and you can hopefully reduce the amount of travel needed to attend an instructor-led class.

I personally remember a colleague from my former company, who was scheduled to travel to the Arabian Emirates to hold a training session for a customer there. He lost all his luggage on the flight and ended up holding the first day of training in a remote area right in the desert in his casual travel outfit as he couldn’t organize any new business clothes at such short notice. Yuck!

Do you have similar stories? I am looking forward to hearing them!


Have a great week!




Photo: Taken at a Best Practice Academy session during PlanetPTC Live in Orlando this year


New CPUG group on Planet PTC Community and here is new CPUG logo

Note: If you're in the Baltimore/Washington/Philadelphia area, please consider joining our group. Follow the CPUG group on Planet PTC Community by selecting Join This Group from the panel on the right hand side of this page. Feel free to respond to the blog with questions or comments.


cpug logo-01_1920x1080.jpg


cpug logo-02_1920x1080.jpg


cpug logo-04_1920x1080.jpg


The Member Showcase Roundup is a collection of PlanetPTC Community members' expert use of PTC software and things I think are cool, fun or inspiring for week ending 7/20/12.


In this issue, members show off their small assemblies.



Ninja Cabling Quick Referenceby Brian Martin
How to Quickly Tell if Oracle Needs More Memory Configuredby vaillan
Teacher Showcase - Edge Hill Universityby Paul Spencer
Kit Assembly

by Paul Spencer

Gold Cube

by Paul Spencer

Gold Cube and Strut

by Paul Spencer

Corner Assembly

by Paul Spencer

Rendered Radio

by Paul Spence

Teacher Showcase KP - Birley Community Collegeby ptc-4493148
Assembled USB

by ptc-4493148

Animation of Air Flow with Creo Parametric 2.0by Vladimir Palffy
BM Logo Wallpapersby Vladimir Palffy


Feel free to comment, like, rate or reply to any of the above posts.


Have you had a chance to demonstrate your expertise of PTC software? Either with an image, video, worksheet, blog, document or file, let me know what you're up to and I'll feature your works in next weeks' roundup!


BM logo - your choice in Rendering

Posted by VladimirPalffy Jul 19, 2012

Wallpapers for you - BM (created with Creo Parametric)






So after a mere three posts in my own private blog "The Zone", I'm moving the blog! I asked Dan Marotta whether I could keep my private blog and have it appear under the new Cabling, Piping, and Schematics sub-group, too. Apparently it has to exist in one place or the other- but not both.


In the interest of reaching more people, I'll submit all new blog posts under the new Cabling, Piping, and Schematics group. I'll keep The Zone open for more personal items (like perhaps if go on a mini rant, I'll post it to The Zone).  The goal of starting a blog was always to create a forum for discussing routed systems topics. Now that we have a great new space, I'll dedicate my time to filling it with relevant, timely information, tutorials, videos, and training material.


To that end, I've been working on a new video to post to the cabling forum. I've been spread a bit thin this past week finishing up course work and taking final exams. I hope to have the new video and an "enhanced" version of my Ninja Cabling presentation ready for upload within the next few days.


In the meantime... please check out our new group using the links above.  Be sure to follow the new group to insure you'll receive the latest updates and postings as they're submitted!


From the ashes of the defunct MAPUG (Mid-Atlantic PTC Users Group) and the VA/DC area user's group, we're launching a brand new RUG- the Chesapeake Regional Users Group (CPUG).


This group will focus heavily on the Creo (ProENGINEER) and Windchill PTC products. Multiple meetings will occur each year with the first beginning in Fall 2012.


So what happened to the old groups? In my personal opinion, the previous RUGs in the mid-Atlantic region suffered from a severe case of "mission creep". Meetings lasted for hours on end and served no purpose other than as an extended sales pitch and a cash grab. At the last MAPUG meeting I attended, I paid admission at the door. This was followed by a torturous 2 hour demo of Wildfire 4 and 5 given mostly via an endless powerpoint slide deck. Eventually I was let loose to grab lunch but in the lunch area I was literally surrounded with vendors on all sides. After lunch, I gave a brief presentation and then sat down for another long demo and then finally... one more long demo. In the end, I took nothing from the meeting... and left about about $20 poorer. The meeting had no actual value to me as an engineer.


I can promise CPUG will not devolve into one long extended sales pitch. We'll focus on networking, practical tips, techniques, and training. At each and every meeting, we will provide value to the user community. When members leave a CPUG meeting, they'll go back to work with real, tangible, useful information to make them more efficient and better prepared to meet the demands of their job.


If you're in the Baltimore/Washington/Philadelphia area, please consider joining our group. Follow the CPUG group on Planet PTC Community by selecting Join This Group from the panel on the right hand side of this page. Feel free to respond to the blog with questions or comments.


As meeting dates, times, and locations firm up, they'll be posted here and announced to members via email. I expect some growing pains as we get the group off the ground. If you'd like to join the cause and help establish the group... please email me.


Thank you!



Once upon a time, back when PTC was still Parametric Technology Corporation, the company had only one product- Pro/ENGINEER. It looked like this...




Back in those days, users who wanted to learn more about the software had few options. They could read the printed user manuals or fiddle with the software until they figured it out. Eventually these pioneers of the parametric modeling frontier formed small groups. They'd meet in libraries, schools, local pubs, or other small venues to discuss modeling techniques, share tips and tricks, socialize, and learn from each other. This was the way Pro/ENGINEER User Groups formed and grew into dozens of larger Regional User Groups (or "RUGs").


RUGs sought to deliver on a core mission: Gather people. Share knowledge. Benefit the user community. For years, they thrived... but now they're on a definite (and rather steep) decline. So what happened?


In my opinion, it comes down to a simple truth that many of the groups strayed from their core mission. Over time, many RUGs simply disappeared. While we can debate the reasons why this happened, identifying the problem surely does nothing to solve it.  We need new leaders, industry support, and community involvement to start new groups committed to sharing knowledge and serving those who use PTC software.  Not to mention, we need a whole lot less of the indifference, condescension, and apathy that killed off many RUGs.


While I realize that vibrant, active, and thriving RUGs still exist, they're getting tough to find. If anyone takes exception to this assertion, I challenge you to search for them. You'll find under two dozen active groups in the entire United States. Conversely, performing a similar search of SolidWorks User Groups turns up almost as many (18) just within 100 miles of my house. I'd have to drive for over 250 miles to reach the nearest active Pro/ENGINEER RUG. This is unacceptable!


So what are we going to do about it?  Well... I'm just one guy but I'm rather tired of not having a user group. The last two in this region (Maryland/DC/Southern PA) went completely defunct a few years ago. So, I'm just going to start a new one! After kicking around name ideas for several days, I just decided to go with CPUG (for Chesapeake Regional PTC Users Group). I'll be sending out individual invitations to every company in the area and every individual contact I have. Our first meeting will be Fall 2012 (location to be announced).


I'm confident a new RUG can be successful if it stays true to the core mission of sharing knowledge and providing a benefit to PTC customers and individual users. With luck and the helpful support of others in the region, we'll do just that.


To join the CPUG group, follow this LINK and join. 


Render for fun


Morning meeting

Morning meeting.jpg


... and Sleepy beauty



flexible rubber hose.jpg






Wallpapers rendered with Creo Parametric and Creo Elements/Pro










HP buttons in Rendering

Posted by VladimirPalffy Jul 18, 2012

... or broken keyboard - rendered with Creo Elements/Pro


wallpaper_proe_hp buttons_1600x1200.jpg


Create your own design with Creo Parametric - Freestyle feature



Always C-C in Rendering

Posted by VladimirPalffy Jul 18, 2012

... or Rims from Cans - rendered with Creo Parametric




Reflection or Road? in Rendering

Posted by VladimirPalffy Jul 18, 2012

Beauty of reflection with Creo ARX






What time is it? in Rendering

Posted by VladimirPalffy Jul 18, 2012

... or create your own design of ''TIME''








Toroidal coil in Rendering

Posted by VladimirPalffy Jul 18, 2012

Created and redered with Creo Elements/Pro 5.0






Butterfly for you in Rendering

Posted by VladimirPalffy Jul 18, 2012

Created and redered with Creo Parametric












If you need to create Animation of Airflow you can use Creo Parametric :o)



Is there a need for design agility in your organisation? Have you had a chance to check out the new Design Agility Resource Center?


Whatever your projects entail it is worth having a look at the resource center... packed with eBooks, videos, design infographics and a host of other papers.


Click here for more: 


Design Agility.png


Planning a summer break? in PTC Live Global

Posted by msimon Jul 16, 2012

I know that during this time of year, many people are planning their summer vacations (including me). If riding your bike is how you like to spend your free time, I encourage you to watch Joe’s Graney keynote from PlanetPTC Live Orlando before you lock the door of your office for 1, 2 or 3 weeks (if you are so lucky).


In his presentation, Joe showed us that training, passion and desire to win exist not just in racing field but also in the offices where these first-class bikes are designed, tested and manufactured. From its headquarters in Santa Cruz, California, which as Joe says, look more like a car garage, Santa Cruz Bicycles develops the highest performance mountain bikes in the world.


If you couldn’t attend Joe’s keynote live, now you have the opportunity to watch the recording. In this keynote, Joe confesses that “Bikes saved my life.” Maybe that’s too melodramatic, as he recognizes, but the truth is that bikes heavily influenced the way he is today. When watching this recording, you’ll feel the passion he puts into his work and his desire to excel. After watching it, you may want to share your passion for life with us and what influenced the way you are today. We look forward to hearing from you.


Enjoy your summer break!




If you've visited the Creo Community today, you may have noticed two new additions to the line-up; a Rendering Community and a Piping, Cabling & Schematics Community.


Use the Rendering Community to learn the techniques of rendering your models or show and tell how you use Creo models in rendering. Feel free to discuss ARX (advanced rednering extension), external render applications and techniques for converting Creo models.


The Piping, Cabling & Schematics Community is for all your routed systems needs. Whether its techniques, tips or shortcuts, share and discuss them with fellow members.


Probably the most common performance adjust needed for Windchill systems is the adding of more memory for Oracle.  In memory access of Oracle blocks can be a 100 000x faster (fig #3) than retrieving from disk making the ensuring that Oracle is properly configured critical the overall health of a Windchill system. Having 'enough' memory will give the system the opportunity to generally perform well at the database level, although not all SQL statements will run quickly enough even when there is enough memory available.


How do you know if Oracle has been allocated enough memory for acceptable performance or your system is in need of tuning?  The SQL below can be run from SQL*plus as the Oracle 'sys' or 'system' user and will output recommendations based on rule of thumb guidelines.  If you are in doubt or have questions, opening a technical support case with the Windchill performance group and including either an AWR report, the output from gather_info_script, or System Configuration Collector (Windchill R10+) is the next step.




select name, block_size, ESTD_PCT_OF_DB_TIME_FOR_READS,


when (ESTD_PCT_OF_DB_TIME_FOR_READS >0 and ESTD_PCT_OF_DB_TIME_FOR_READS <10) then 'system is well configured'

when (ESTD_PCT_OF_DB_TIME_FOR_READS >10 and ESTD_PCT_OF_DB_TIME_FOR_READS <20) then 'system is ok but could benefit from memory and SQL tuning'

when (ESTD_PCT_OF_DB_TIME_FOR_READS >20 and ESTD_PCT_OF_DB_TIME_FOR_READS <40) then 'system is struggling, stability and performance are likely problems'

when (ESTD_PCT_OF_DB_TIME_FOR_READS >40) then 'system is under duress and immediate actions to tune the system are required'




If the memory needs to be adjusted this will usually mean in 11g increasing memory_target and memory_max_target settings and restarting Oracle ( if memory_max_target has been increased).  Adjusting adjusting Oracle 10g memory or when the sga_max_size is set to a non-default value complicates things a good explanation of these parameters can be found here


A note of caution, whenever possible do not set the sga_target parameter to zero, but this only recommendation only applies when an sga_max_size value has been specified i.e. some value other than '0'.  If sga_max_size=0, then setting sga_target=0 is also appropriate.  When Oracle sees a sga_target of zero (regardless of the memory_target setting) it appears to try and shrink the SGA to be as small as possible, flushing SGA blocks from memory more aggressively than is desirable and harming performance.  It is not clear if this same behavior occurs when memory_target is set to zero also, but it probably does.


The Member Showcase Roundup is a collection of PlanetPTC Community members' expert use of PTC software and things I think are cool, fun or inspiring for week ending 7/13/12. In this issue, we continue to highlight some great 3D renders and models by students in the UK.


3D Logo Concurrent Engineeringby Vladimir Palffy
Guitar Detailby Vladimir Palffy
Road to Infinityby Vladimir Palffy
Teacher Showcase - P Johnson Easingwold Schoolby ptc-4496729
Virtual Reality to Actual Realityby David Eyre
Teacher Showcase - Nick Garner - Leek High Schoolby Simon Hooker
Teacher Showcase - Janet Wheat - Leek High Schoolby Simon Hooker
tag Templatesby Emil Meindl
Youby abelniak
Selection of Car Designs for Scalextrix for Schools Compby Simon Hooker
A-Teamby Simon Hooker
Lamboby Simon Hooker


Feel free to comment, like, rate or reply to any of the above posts.


Have you had a chance to demonstrate your expertise of PTC software? Either with an image, video, worksheet, blog, document or file, let me know what you're up to and I'll feature your works in next weeks' roundup!


The Member Showcase Roundup is a collection of PlanetPTC Community members' expert use of PTC software and things I think are cool, fun or inspiring for week ending 7/6/12. In this issue, we highlight some great 3D renders and models by students.


Assembly.png WaterBottle.png WoodenWhistle.png


Water Bottleby Harry Barnes
Wooden Whistleby ptc-4603145
Teacher Showcase - Maltby Academy - Martin Boler SHU Academyby ptc-4576141
Teacher Showcase - John Bowen - Sheringham High Schoolby ptc-4517326
Teacher Showcase - Dave Harrison - York Highby ptc-2627794
Teacher Showcase - Alan Glaves - Prince William Schoolby tbrotherhood
Teacher Showcase - Gary Glover - St Bede's Schoolby tbrotherhood
Land Speed Record - 1000hp Sunbeamby DavidEyre
Teacher Showcase - JSby ptc-2940731
Performance Definedby KenL.Nunn


Feel free to comment, like, rate or reply to any of the above posts.


Have you had a chance to demonstrate your expertise of PTC software? Either with an image, video, worksheet, blog, document or file, let me know what you're up to and I'll feature your works in next weeks' roundup!


Got a great Mathcad story to share? Interested in showcasing your Mathcad chops? Consider this to be your official invitation to present your expertise to your peers.


We have select opportunities for presenters – we’re looking for Mathcad Champions – for a variety of slots. New Mathcad users and longtime experts have repeatedly told us that they find peer-to-peer presentations extremely valuable. Our presenters benefit too, from creating new networking opportunities to establishing themselves as thought-leaders in their organizations and industries.


Right now we have openings for brief monthly webinars as well as 45-minute speaking slots at PTC’s Mathcad Virtual Conference scheduled for autumn 2012.


If you’re a Mathcad Champion, or want to become one, email us at and tell us:

  1. Your idea or topic for your presentation
  2. What your audience would like about it
  3. Your discipline and industry
  4. Your Mathcad skill level (novice, intermediate, expert)


If your idea is selected by the Mathcad team, we’ll work with you to help develop your presentation.

We know there are tons of great Mathcad stories out there. Tell us yours!