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Apr 15, 2014 Getting Lukewarmer
Last November, I was in my car on a Friday afternoon and listening to WBUR.  Regular listeners will know that Friday afternoons are special because it’s when Science Friday is broadcasted.  On that particular Friday, the topic was about how long mammals...
Apr 8, 2014 Death and Math
As the famous saying goes – In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Like a good procrastinator, I did my taxes this past weekend.  I was a bit curious as to what people have done with Mathcad in the past.  After...
Apr 1, 2014 Top Math Hoaxes of All Time
In honor of April Fool’s Day, here are the top 5 math hoaxes of all time. This list was compiled by Dreambox Learning and the Museum of Hoaxes. Happy April Fool’s day to all! 5. Metric Time In 1975, the Australian news program This Day...
Mar 26, 2014 Oso Aftermath
What happened this past weekend along the Stilliguamish River in Washington State has been truly tragic.  There have already been 24 confirmed deaths, but many more are still missing.  The landslide (others will also call it mudslide or landslip)...
Mar 26, 2014 How DIS-TRAN Steel Added Hours to the Day
Imagine the energy it takes to move and assemble enormous steel transmission structures. Now, think about all the steel pieces that make up that structure. Someone has to ensure that the steel for a multi-million pound job can be assembled quickly. Meet...

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