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Today's exercises in video conversion remind me of the browser wars in the 1990s. There is no end to the pain of figuring out formats that will play well in everyone's browser on everyone's OS. Especially if you want to host the videos yourself. When you do as many videos as we do, here at Single-Sourcing Solutions, it starts to become impossible.


In order to make it simpler, we decided to post all our old videos to YouTube, which means that we recently launched several YouTube Channels:

  1. Arbortext Monster Garage - all the videos from our famed web series about how to trick out your Arbortext environment, software, and publishing deliverables
  2. Single-Sourcing Solutions - these videos may not be Arbortext-specific, but depict related content to the work of authors, publishers, managers, and support personnel.
  3. TC Dojo - this is a mix of Arbortext Monster Garage and TC Camp. Videos are recordings of sessions where the topics were voted on by the community. The TC Dojo YouTube channel has copies of all the TC Dojo open session recordings. Again, not Arbortext-specific, but all related content.
  4. Arbortext PTC/User Group - These videos are moving to YouTube as well, so we don't have to manage the AUG website. The group was hard to maintain, but the dedicated volunteers are still out there and the content from the meetings we did have is incredible. YouTube will preserve the content for us.


What about TC Dojo: Arbortext Edition? 

TC Dojo has been such a popular series, we added TC Dojo Arbortext Edition. The Arbortext TC Dojo videos are not on YouTube. They are only available to TC Dojo Master Series members and our customers. The live Arbortext Dojo sessions are free to attend in person. If you attend, learn, and enjoy, but if you want access to the recordings, join the Master Series


November 11, 2011 at 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM


Register online:


Shop Coach: Dmitry Tsarev, Irisoft


Title: Front Counter - Creating Published Documents from Arbortext Content Manager



Connecting Arbortext Content Manager to Publishing Engine can be tricky. Dmitry Tsarev gives you some tips and tricks about making it come together smoothly.


About the Arbortext Monster Garage:

There are a million Uber Geeky things you can do in Arbortext. Arbortext is a mature platform: The entire set of tools works together. Arbortext is open: The entire UI and publishing pipeline is 100% available through a well-tested API. The possibilities are enormous for anyone who wants to do new, interesting, over-the-top things with their product information.


In this web series, we feature the Open API and the geeky things you can do with Arbortext. You?ll find knowledgeable mechanics, here. Put on your shop coat, because here we go?.


This week in the Arbortext Monster Garage:

Where Are My Keys? - Improving Your Search Results in Online Content


Friday 16 September 2011
10:00AM - 10:30 AM Pacific/US


In this session of the Arbortext Monster Garage by Single-Sourcing Solutions, Clay Helberg talks about how you can improve (hack, alter, change, and affect) search results in HTML output created by Arbortext Digital Media Publisher.




After the session, you can see the video here:


Community Badges

Posted by ptc-1892082 Aug 31, 2011

It seems as though I've earned the "Bill Shakespeare" badge I was told...


For starting your own blog and writing 10 blogs posts related to CAD, PLM or PTC products in general, here is your “Bill Shakespeare” badge. Feel free to display it proudly on your PlanetPTC Community badge.



That's 10 posts here on


That doesn't include the nearly EIGHT years of blog posts about Arbortext and Dynamic Publishing on the Single-Sourcing Blog here:


That's a lot of blog posts. The Single-Sourcing Blog is where you can find:


The rules for Community Badges only counts posts local to this site. So I'll never earn the Video badge, because we only post videos to two places (if we add a third, it'll be probably be YouTube):


There are at least 24 videos about Arbortext from 2011 posted there (or will be by the end of the year). The Arbortext Monster Garage happens twice a month and we post the videos after each session. That way, anyone who couldn't attend can still see what happened. In the Arbortext Monster Garage, see what you can do with the product if you just put on your shop coat. Check the schedule and join us! As we say in the Garage, "With Arbortext in your toolset, there's nothing you can't do."


HOWEVER, if you prefer audio, you're good there too. There's a whole series of Arbortext audio podcasts available on too! The PubWright Podcast is a series of audio podcasts — interviews with people all across the Arbortext community, and experts in the dynamic publishing field.  The podcast can also be downloaded right to your iPod via iTunes!


Communities can't be contained and there are lots of folks in your community. Don't be afraid to step outside. The #1 Arbortext resource remains the Adepters Mailing List & Archives which has been continuous since 1996. It's the best place to get your questions answered. Hands Down.


Anyway, here's the Badge. Doubt if I'll see another one since most of my contributions are, shall we say, "beyond the boundaries".







We get a lot of questions about whether you can use Arbortext with the Open Toolkit.  The answer is, "Yes, of course," but any further details are difficult unless you know what the questioner means by that: "Arbortext" is a portfolio of products that includes an editor, multiple publishing engines (for both typical and magazine-quality publishing), a content management system, a styling tool (so non-programmers can create stylesheets), a DTD/configuration tool, a dynamic link manager, and an illustration tool. Which part of Arbortext do you want to use with the DITA OT?


For example, if you want index processing, you've got to swap out FOP. There's one place you can use Arbortext. You can use Arbortext editor as your DITA editor, that's another place. Want to create multi-channel stylesheets without having to learn XSL and XSL-FO, well, that's a third place. Want to kick off the DITA OT from inside the CMS? That's four.


So, because there are so many ways to answer this question, we've scheduled two DITA- and OT-specific sessions to our new Arbortext Monster Garage webinar series: Editing and Publishing.


The first session is this Friday at 10 AM Pacific. Our shop coach is Mark Giffin, Mark Giffin Consulting, Inc. He's going to explain the basics of how Arbortext works with the DITA Open Toolkit. (Later on, he'll show the details behind how it's done.)


Sign up today!

About the Arbortext Monster Garage:

There are a million “Uber Geeky” things you can do in Arbortext. Arbortext is a mature platform: The entire set of tools works together. Arbortext is open: The entire UI and publishing pipeline is 100% available through a well-tested API. The possibilities are enormous for anyone who wants to do new, interesting, over-the-top things with their product information.


In this web series, we feature the Open API and the “geeky” things you can do with Arbortext.  It's interactive, and you’ll find knowledgeable mechanics, here. All Monster Garage sessions are 30 minutes start-to-finish, but you can hang around and ask the coaches questions for nearly as long as you like.


Put on your shop coat, because here we go….



Here at Single-Sourcing Solutions, we always talk about the ease of use and the out-of-the box advantages to Arbortext suite of products. We don’t always talk about the sizable API that opens the entire application to developers. Yet, for many of us, this was one of the primary advantages that drew us to the Arbortext platform.  This last year, we discovered that this ability to tweak every aspect of the product and the content that comes out as a result is no longer so obvious to people who are new to the eco-system.


Want to see "Why Arbortext'?


Come to the  Arbortext Monster Garage


Inspired by the popular “Monster Garage” television show on the Discovery Channel, today we’re launching a new webinar series: “Arbortext Monster Garage.” On the TV show, a team of people with mechanical, fabricating, or modifying expertise gathers together to modify a vehicle into a “monster machine.”  In our new webinar series, we’re gathering people from the Arbortext community who have modified, streamlined, co-opted, and wrenched their applications to achieve outstanding, interactive, and impressive content and highly effective content creation-publication workflows.


The series will showcase users from the community demonstrating techniques, tips and tricks that they have used in the past, discoveries they have made, and showcasing new features.


Twice a month, on the second and fourth Fridays, each session lasts only 30 minutes. The calendar has been published in advance, so that you can see what’s coming and sign up for the sessions you’re most interested in.  There are sessions for beginners as well as for expert users.


The first session is titled “Pop the Hood – Get Started with Arbortext Editor in 20 Minutes” presented by Lynn Hales. Sign up now!