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Credence takes great efforts to ensure that our compensation plan is clearly better than the industry average in the areas that we support. We perform market salary surveys to ensure that we stay competitive, not only in our salary compensation plans, but also in our total compensation and comprehensive benefits that we provide to our employees.


Credence offers a total compensation program that includes a comprehensive benefits package with:


  • Competitive Salaries;
  • Company Paid Healthcare and Disability Insurance Coverage;
  • Flexible Paid Time Off (PTO) and Holidays;
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA);
  • 401(K) Retirement Plan;
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP);
  • Professional Training and Development;
  • Employee Recognition, Incentive, and Bonus Programs;
  • Team Building Events and Employee Parties.



In my previous post “Why bother replacing 2D Drawings with 3D Models?” I outlined the need to replace 2D Drawings. In this post, I’d like to discuss the challenges and considerations for adopting a Model Based Enterprise approach. Continue reading on


Hlasuj prosím pro toto vylepšení v Creo Parametric

Pro zobrazení obsahu odkazu musíš být přihlášen. (pokud link nefunguje, edituj jej v internetovém prohlížeči)




Credence Culture


Credence has a corporate culture that is focused on employee empowerment, recognition, reward, and retention.


Credence was started with the vision of creating an organization that would attract the best talent in the industry and treat each team member as a partner in the organization. This is achieved through our culture of excellence and trust that encourages each team member to innovate and take their own initiative.


The Credence corporate culture promotes collaboration and partnership, facilitates successful outcomes by investing in resources and education, and finally, shares the results of our success with every team member.


Our objective of maintaining a high-quality workforce is reflected in our corporate culture that focuses career on three core values: Trust, Partnership, and Success. As an everyday reminder, these core values also constitute part of the Credence logo.


One of the primary benefits of the Credence corporate culture is its positive influence in our efforts to identify, hire, develop, and retain staff with the experience, skills, and qualifications required to perform the highest quality work for our customers.inde


We believe in Level 5 leadership (Jim Collins, Good to Great, 2001), and encourage our people to become Level 5 leaders - leaders who are humble, have the fierce will to succeed, channel their ego needs away from themselves into the larger goal of building a great company, and set up their subordinates for even greater success.


At Credence, we firmly believe that the quality of our service to our customers is directly dependent on our ability to attract and retain the highest quality workforce. We are proud of the top-notch people we attract. Moreover, we also understand that when we treat our employees fairly and with respect, they do the same with our end-customers.


Finding and retaining the best employees is critical to our success and to the success of our customers. We also consider employee retention to be critical, as team members are vital to the success of the customers’ business missions, and we take deliberate steps to maintain a stellar record of employee retention.


Zombies in Training

Posted by BettinaGiemsa Oct 21, 2014

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to come up with a blog post full of horror and scary stuff – don't you agree? Well, I decided to talk about zombies this year.


This is an adequate topic for our blog for two reasons: 

    1. The Walking Dead are on TV again (yay!)

    2. Zombies actually have a connection to Training… (really?)

Well, to be honest, this article is not about walkers and some handsome heroes fighting them for survival, but about a different species: the Workplace Zombie.

What is a Workplace Zombie?
Here is a short definition in my own words:

A workplace zombie is an unmotivated person that strolls around the office with little or no productive output. It is infectious as this unmotivated air is likely to spread to other colleagues, thus threatening the organization.

I think the analogy hits the nail. I also think, we should be looking into some reasons why people turn into workplace zombies.

Here are a couple of assumptions:

  • The employee feels overwhelmed; no matter how hard he tries, any of his tasks seem to be  difficult. Work turns into a daily struggle, his motivation goes down and he would prefer being anywhere else than at his desk.
  • He is buried by his workload; he might be a skilled engineer, but the amount of work piling up on his desk doesn’t seem to reduce and he is moving into a dull mode of working off tasks but loses all creativity and excitement about his work.
  • The employee wasn’t given a clear development path. He might have been motivated initially and ambitious to get on in the organization, but the employer is not investing in his development and he resigns.

A psychologist or HR professional will certainly have more explanations and could go into much more detail (just google for “workplace zombie” – you will find tons of articles!), but the above seem right on to me. And guess what? I do think training can help!


Train your staff - so they get the capabilities to complete their tasks and do them well. The positive feeling of success and feedback from managers will bring back motivation.

Train your staff – and teach them to work more efficiently and follow best practices. If the workload gets more manageable, they can bring their creativity and ideas back in – and motivation will survive.

Train your staff – show them they are valuable to you by setting up a clear development path and investing in the advancement of their skills.

OK, enough said about training at work. I don’t want to finish this blog without telling you about my own personal encounter with zombies… I recently participated in my first Zombiethon – a 5K race where runners are being hunted by zombies and they need to run an obstacle course to get away from them. That was also a great occasion to sport my nice red PTC University shirt, and it was all fun!

Zombies and #Training



Some more pics here...


Happy Halloween!



PS: Our Training Advisors don't bite - talk to them today!


Credence executives actively serves in leadership positions with several non-profit and industry associations.


Pan IIT Alumni Association


PanIIT is an umbrella organization representing an alumni network of the most recognizable symbol of India's intellectual excellence, achievement and leadership: the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) system. IIT Alumni, around the world, have created sustained value for organizations and communities with their thought leadership, business acumen, and sense of social responsibility, all of which are the tenets of the IIT brand of education.


IIT alumni achievements and contributions include:


  • Created about 20 million jobs, created $500 billion of economic value, and control annual budgets of $1 trillion worldwide
  • Pioneering such technologies as cellular communications and HDTV
  • Founder or CxOs of 60% of Silicon Valley startups
  • Leading executive at firms such as Citicorp, Hartford Financial, Harman International, Google, Cisco, Microsoft and Rohm & Haas
  • Dean at leading universities such as Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and Director of the National Science Foundation
  • Honored by the US House of Representatives (HR 227) for the economic innovation attributable to graduates of the IIT.


Sid Chowdhary current serves as the President of Pan IIT USA, and serves as an Officer and Board Member since 2009.


American Council for Technology (ACT) - Industry Advisory Council (IAC)


ACT-IAC is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to improving government through the application of information technology. ACT-IAC provides an objective, ethical and trusted forum where government and industry exchange information and collaborate on technology issues in the public sector. Prashant Gaur is a Past President of ACT (2009-2011).


Fairfax County Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee (ITPAC)


The ITPAC is committed to providing the Fairfax County government with the resources it requires to keep pace with emerging trends in IT; to providing citizens, the business community, and employees with timely and convenient access to information and services through the use of technology; and to using new technologies to create new business processes and improve government efficiency. Sid Chowdhary has been appointed as the Dranesville District Representative and serves on the ITPAC since 2010.


Non Profit Charitable Organizations


dc gala Credence is proud to support various nonprofit charitable organizations in the U.S. and overseas. We support efforts to improve children’s literacy, which is one of the most critical issues of our time. In order for future generations to succeed, children must have access to the most basic building blocks for learning – and literacy is the basis for all educational endeavors.


Credence supports a number of nonprofit organizations focused on literacy, including Everybody Wins! DC and Pratham USA.


At a certain point in an individual's life, a person achieves a levelof competence and independence in social, financial or emotional terms. Most people settle down into a family life with the necessary employment connection and social network that allows for more growth in all aspects of one's lifestyle. There will always be limitations in a few or more of the roles we, as individuals are expected to take on. And there are those among us who may need caring attention in order for them to fully function in society.


Corliss group has taken great efforts in providing such services to these individuals with specialized needs. Hence, aside from providing training in day-centers in Warren, RI, it also has a Residential Program for those who wish to express their own independence. Corliss  provides these individuals the support they need in the matter of "personal care, shopping, housekeeping, laundry, food preparation, socialization and money management." These individuals are "encouraged to live independently and maintain their own apartment" and to get involved in the community-at-large.


This is definitely a notch higher than those who require more supervision or care in accomplishing essential activities of  daily living. These are people who not only have acquired the skills and the confidence to become income-earners but also have the abilities to express themselves in other fields such as the arts, music, sports and other meaningful activities.


The program provides three individuals the chance to share an apartment unit on a 24-hour basis, including all the support they need "to develop the skills needed to learn, live and work successfully in the community." And so, aside from the daily domestic chores and routines mentioned above, they are trained to incorporate themselves into their community as independent individuals through meaningful engagement.


Specifically, these individuals are given Case Management support in order for them to acquire housing assistance, food stamps, heating assistance and other essential domestic needs. Likewise, professional nursing care is provided for staff training and to help residents to maintain their health. All in all, Corliss group allows these participants the opportunity to be totally equipped as anybody else in the community through the special support it provides. Otherwise, they will remain unable to lead meaningful and independent lives. It takes awareness and compassion for people to realize that certain needs are not met by some individuals because of certain disabilities. Corliss, through its work and its website, fills up this gap in the minds and hearts of people. What it is doing is practically raising a big, extended family within a town and looking after its welfare on a daily basis – something that will daunt any ordinary parent from facing or even considering.


Yes, Corliss, Institute, Inc. has been doing for many years now and accomplishing so much good and providing excellent service to many. Not just in providing opportunities to live independently but also to acquire gainful employment through proper training. Corliss has an expanded Employment Program to provide members with "training in work habits, filling out applications, using public transportation, and the nuts and bolts of work habits." They are given training in "interpersonal relations on the job and how to handle changes in co-workers or supervisors." Promptness and wearing proper apparel are also inculcated among members.


Simple but essential skills that most of us take for granted. Corliss group has shown the way to opening the hearts and minds of many people to reach out to the disadvantaged members of society.


Creo Illustrate has a range of libraries of illustration features and techniques such as Inset Views, Symbols and Page sizes.  Each of these libraries is pre-configured with a bunch of examples to show you what's possible... but the intention is that you customize these to suit your own needs.  That's where this tutorial comes in. 


This video will show you how to customize the following libraries:

  • Inset Views
  • Symbols
  • Annotations including Callouts
  • Page sizes


This tutorial is intended for system administrators, or at least you will need access to your user APPDATA area and have some knowledge about editing XML files.  Be sure to save a safe copy of any files before you edit them, just in case you need to revert back to the original.


I hope you find this helpful!



Capability Model Maturity Integration (CMMI) Level 3


Credence has been appraised by Teradata Corporation at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). An appraisal at Maturity Level 3 for Credence means that the standards, process descriptions, and procedures for a particular project can be tailored from Credence’s set of standard processes and therefore are more consistent by the tailoring guidelines. At Maturity Level 3, processes are managed more proactively using an understanding of the inter-relationships of the process activities and detailed measures of the process, its work products, and its services.


International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008


Credence Management Solutions has been assessed and approved by QAS International to the management systems, standards and guideline ISO 9001:2008. With the permitted exclusion of clause 7.3 Design and Development and 7.6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment. The approved administration systems apply to the provision of program management and consulting services to government clients.


Industry Best Practices and Standards


  • Credence utilizes the following industry best-practices, processes, and standards in our customer engagements.
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)


Credence Small Business Certifications


  • Small Business Administration (SBA) certified 8(A) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
    • Program Participation Period: August 19, 2009 through August 18, 2018
  • Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) certified Small Business Reserve (SBR)
  • Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE) certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Is this what is the meaning of two separate layer inside? What's the difference?





I’m excited to announce that the call for presentations for PTC Live Global 2015, June 7-10, in Nashville, TN, is now open. And I encourage you to submit your proposal by November 17.

Why should you present? You’ve heard a lot of the numerous perks you’ll enjoy,  including a free registration to the event, the appreciation of peers for sharing your knowledge, the opportunity to be recognized as a top presenter, and the chance to connect with PTC product managers about your content.


But there are other ways that you can benefit – both personally and professionally – from the experience that you may not have anticipated.

We hear from past presenters that they also get feedback and new ideas from the users in their sessions that have helped them back at work.


For example, Walt Brewer of PACCAR Inc., said:

“The biggest benefit of being a presenter is the exposure and feedback I get from users who attend the session. There were…discussions on the complexities of the implementations, and ideas on what other firms are trying to accomplish with the software. All of those discussions resulted in expanding my thought processes and considerations as I work on the next set of PTC Windchill/PTC Creo solutions.”


PTC Live Global 2015 Call for Presentations.JPG

Additionally, the process of creating your presentation has helped presenters increase their understanding of your past experiences, approaches and techniques, and ultimately improve upon them.

“I would argue that when preparing the presentation, when you have to put yourself in some stranger’s shoes to

develop a message that is easily understood, you are automatically reviewing your past experience with a critical eye. In other terms, as you think of the lessons learned, you learn to do better in the future,” said Rob Dolci, Country Manager of Aizoon U.S.


Our presenters have also said that the experience of rehearsing and sharing their material has had a lasting impact on their presentation skills.


Ulf Handberg of said, “My self-confidence was boosted by doing a presentation in another country, in another language, to people I had never met before…I think that the experience of being a presenter is very useful when getting back to work. The requirements for thorough preparations and the help from the content team and webcasts made the presentation really powerful.”


These are just a few examples of the unexpected ways you can benefit from presenting at PTC Live Global 2015. For additional perspectives, check out our past-presenter testimonials. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions during any state of the process.


Best regards,


Ann McGrath


Credence provides innovative management and technology solutions, strategy, business transformation, advisory and implementation services to government agencies. We serve as trusted advisors to our government customers and ensure success by aligning our goals with the goals of the government decision-makers.


Our Principals have been executives in large firms, in government, and in leadership positions with government industry associations. They are industry-recognized technology and business leaders who have joined Credence with the mission of creating an exceptional consulting firm that is focused on supporting Public Sector Business Transformation or Information Technology Modernization initiatives.


Our employees, on average, have over 15 years of experience and possess a combination of both functional and technical skills, along with the ability to think in an independent and objective capacity. We operate with minimum overhead and our model allows us to deliver results with smaller teams and competitive costs.



The biggest issue facing manufacturers is how to efficiently share large volume of digital product content created throughout the product development process. CAD tools are typically used to create the design data but this data needs to be accessed by numerous stakeholders in the downstream organizations to visualize, measure, analyze, approve, manufacture, inspect and service the design.


There are a couple ways your designs can be visualized by users across the enterprise, and importantly, outside of engineering. You can either use the native CAD tool – such asPTC Creo — which means every user will need some amount of training. Or you can use…. Continue reading on the Creo blog here.  (Note, clicking the link will be redirect to

More on the publishing topic by customers

Guide to Publishing - Lawrence Livermore Labs


Publishing - Is it really worth it? - Flowserve India Controls


Publishing Strategy - John Deere

Visualizing data - PACCAR


Credence is a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) certified 8(a), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). Credence is also certified as a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) in the District of Columbia, and as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Small Business Reserve (SBR) in the State of Maryland.


Credence has a wide range of Federal, State, and Local government contract vehicles and certifications to enable our government customers to readily access Credence’s services and solutions.


Credence’s contract vehicles include a mix of General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules, Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), and Government Wide Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts. Please look under Contract Vehicles to access the list of contract vehicles available to our customers.